Volume 64-1 (2023)

Tetiana Tkachenko, DSc (Philol.), Assoc. Prof.
Kyiv Institute of Business and Technology, Kyiv


The article examines the accents of artistic hippology in the author’s vision of Vasyl Zemliak (1923–1977) and Volodymyr Drozd (1939–2003). It analizes the formal and substantive dominants in their stories (“Tyxonya”, “Bilyj Kin Sheptalo”, “Kin Sheptalo na Molocharni”).
The leitmotif of the artistic texts is the understanding of the concept of “slave / slavery” in the modern world. V. Zemliak highlightes the natural interaction of nature and man, presumably, taking into account the priority target audience (children). Instead, V. Drozd deepens the problem of slavery in the antinomy of a good and evil master, the possibility of being a free spirit in a chained body, awareness of the disharmony between the inner and outer worlds. Everyone should formulate the answers for themselves.
The most important thing is that Tyxonya and Sheptalo felt the genetic spirit of freedom, their own power with the selected right to revive the essence that had been taboo for centuries. So, slavery and the image of Sheptalo should be compared with Ukrainians, which for a long time believed in, justified and returned to the colonizers-occupiers. Therefore, Vasyl Zemliak and Volodymyr Drozd embodies their own vision of the harmony of the world in literary hypology, so that the recipient, becoming a co-author during the reading, revives in himself and for himself the true values of being.

Keywords: hippology, horse, story, internal conflict, non-verbal communication, reflection.

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