Archive, Volume 59 (2020)

Ye. M. Lebid-Hrebenyuk
PhD, Senior Research Fellow, Shevchenko Institute of Literature of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, Kyiv


The article is devoted to research of specific genre of diary in creative heritage of P. Kulish, O. Nikitenko and T. Shevchenko. Intraliterary comparative analysis allowed to comprehend nature of genre and to define his basic characteristics. The special attention is spared to the general moments in diaries language, orientation on a future reader, atmosphere of “expectation”. In the diaries the author acts as a part of the action, moreover, he is the hero of the story, it is therefore obvious that description of all adventures are typically narrated from the author’s perspective so the author and the narrator merge – and the narrative adopts a first person narrative. The communicative techniques in the structure of the text are described briefly – implicit comparative studies, evaluative judgments, creation of the image of a stranger, “other”, address to the reader, etc. Also are comprehended separate theses about correlation of looks of writers on religion, friendship, the phenomenon of silence in the text. The multidimensional character of silence opens up, the specific of silence (silence’s philosophical potential) in text: variants of literary pausing/silence can be found throughout diary, they are expressed by several types of figures of silence. The meaning of silence shifts according to its context in diary. The especially interesting discoveries are based on general moments in both diaries – critical thinking, engaging the reader in the text, deep existential thoughts, digression (partial retreat from a main theme in text). Comparison of texts of diaries gives an opportunity to trace an origin, forming, statement in Ukrainian literature of such variety of diary as a writer.

Keywords: diary, genre, narrative, idiostyle, recipient, author’s intention.

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