Volume 63-2 (2022)

T. І. Tkachenko, Dr Hab., Associate Prof.
Kyiv Institute of Business and Technology, Kyiv


The article devotes to the study of prominent dominants in the vision of the educational process by the outstanding Ukrainian philosopher-traveler Hryhorii Skovoroda (1722–1794). It focuses on highlighting the basic principles of educational activities, stages, components, specifics of the choice, beginning and results.
The paper analyzes the concepts of “pupil schoolchild/student” and “teacher/educator/lecturer” in personal, social, national and universal aspects. It reveals the meaning of the specified definitions thanks to the study of the formal and content components of the works, in particular. The author raises the important range of topics and problems, the uniqueness of the presentation with the dominance
of certain types of speech, addresses. He uses permanent artistic figurative and expressive means, multidimensional images, metaphors, symbols. The investigation emphasizes intertextual accents, Socratic dialogue. It highlights features of character development and the selection of heroes to express prominent ideas. The work clarifies the features of the idiostyle and the dominant worldview of Hryhorii
Savych Skovoroda.
Keywords: “related work”, pedagogical discourse, ethno- and self-identification, teacher, student, communication, Socratic dialogue.

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