Archive, Volume 59 (2020)

M. R. Merkulov
Junior Research Fellow, Shevchenko Institute of Literature of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, Kyiv


This paper is a review of the article by Panteleimon Kulish which is dealing to poetical inheritance of Klymentiy Zinoviiv. The latter was a Ukranian Baroque wtriter of XVII–XVIII centuries. Kulish published his review for the first time in 1859 in the magazine called “The Russian colloquy”, later – in the magazine “Osnova” (“Basis”) in 1861. These scholar shows us good skills in the field of historical and culture research, but at the same time he underestimates scholastic education and literature, he considers they were cut off from the real Ukrainian culture and Ukrainian folk. Kulish says Klymentii was a typical snob, whose writings was full of praise to rich and powerful persons and hatred against simple and poor people. The reasons of this position were Klymentii’s studying in scholastic school and his desire to belong to the highest level of society. Despite these negative features Klymentii Zinoviiv’s poems contain a lot of useful information about Ukrainian life of XVII–XVIII centuries. The article by Panteleimon Kulish contains some original thoughts and conclusions, but anyway his opinion is not objective. At the same time this review is a very important document helping to research the texts and biography of Klymentii Zinoviiv.

Keywords: poetry, travels, Baroque, criticism.

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