Volume 60 (2021)

T. I. Tkachenko
Dr Hab., Associate Prof., National University of Physical Education and Sport of Ukraine, Kyiv


The article represents the study of the peculiarities of the reinterpretation of prose works by Myxajlo Staryczkyj (1840–1904) in plays to enrich the repertoire of the “Coryphées theater”. Attention focuses on the coverage of the author’s literary communication, which is characterized by the involvement of ethnographic, household, folklore findings, coverage of history in a new perspective, unexpected plot changes related to the spectacle of the play and the Ukrainian mentality, psychologism and coverage of internal conflict. The work investigates the formal and semantic components, in particular the problems of artistic texts, characters and actors, specifics of text organization (presentation, interspersed paremias and song inserts, suggestiveness), the role of pictorial and expressive means (contrast, gradation, symbol, antithesis, parallelism). The investigation clarifies the author’s idiostyle and outlook.

The famous playwright and one of the founders of the “theater of Coryphées” reinterprets the prose works of his contemporaries, takes into account the peculiarities of the national mentality (cordocentrism, individualism, sacredness of the family), considers the scenic artistic text emotional changes, conversations of minor characters, focuses primarily on psychology, which determined the thoughts and actions, presenting vivid characters, clashes of different natures, covers portraits and internal conflicts of actors in monologues, dialogues and non-verbal means (gestures, facial expressions), emphasizes the ethnic marking of history, intersperses with rituals, fairy tales and games, proverbs and sayings, songs. Myxajlo Staryczkyj enriched the repertoire of the Ukrainian professional theater thanks to sensual images and timeless topical issues of his own, original and reworked, dramatic works.

Keywords: drama, dramatic sketch, reinterpretation, mentality, psychologism, gradation, internal conflict.

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