Volume 63-2 (2022)

N. М. Levchenko, Dr Hab., Prof.
H. S. Skovoroda Kharkiv National Pedagogical University, Kharkiv


The article emphasizes the contribution of Professor Leonid Ushkalov to the intellectual matrix of the Kharkiv Philological School of Scientific Intelligence. He outlined in his research such complex problems of literary and philosophical reflections of H. Skovoroda as the source basis of his writings; genre-artistic features of versification of his poems; Skovoroda’s definition of a fable as an independent literary genre of a philosophical genre, and parables as a model of a peculiar combination of a fable and a philosophical dialogue; vivid mythological and biblical imagery and the original structure of the treatises; unfolding in lush baroque forms and in biblical, mythological, emblematic images in the plane of Christian Neoplatonism of philosophical and theological thoughts in “Socratic” dialogues of the theologian; anthropological paradigm of ontology, aesthetics, epistemology within the framework of the idea of “two natures”; deployment of the idea of “know yourself” in the perspective of “affinity” in the idea of harmonizing human will with God’s providence; Skovoroda’s philosophy of the heart; radicalism features of Origen’s apokatastasis in the eudaemonism of the philosopher’s worldview; the “paradox of unequal equality”; the idea of theosis; the Skovoroda’s metaphysical Eros (Amor divinus) in the form of love for the Bible, the Skovoroda’s biblical noematics and heuristics as a comprehensive allegory of the text of the Holy Scriptures; the structure of the symbolic world of Skovoroda’s; Skovoroda’s work in the context of the Ukrainian baroque tradition; the influence of Skovoroda’s works on the new, modern and modern Ukrainian literature and a huge number of other issues, each of which has the prospect of unfolding into a separate in-depth discussion of Skovoroda’s studies. In particular, it is noted that L. Ushkalov suggested more than three hundred topics for further studies of H. Skovoroda’s work.
Keywords: baroque, treatise, dialogue, biblical noematics, heuristics, allegoresis of the Bible.

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