Volume 62-1 (2022)

O. M. Slipushko, Dr Hab., Prof., O. S. Zadorozhna, PhD, Associate Prof.
Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv, Kyiv


This article is devoted to investigation of conception of Ivan Franko about
literature of Kyiv Rus’. Partly, we investigate the using by Ivan Franko of concrete
scientific terminology for definite and characteristic of this period in the history of
the Ukrainian literature. It is determined the contribution of scholarly in the
development of the studying of Middle Ages because of modern investigations. It is
underlined the interpretation by scholarly the problem of independent Kyiv Rus’ in
the European space. The ideas of Ivan Franko about concrete original and translated
works are interpreted. Partly, about chronicle “Povist of vremjanyh lit”, apocrifes,
that were populated in Rus. It is underlined the integration by scholarly the
terminology “іmpersonality” as author characteristic, its using for interpretation of
Middle Ages texts.
The system of scientific outlook of Ivan Franko is complex and integrated. His
scientific works about history of Ukrainian literature are very important contribution
in the science of that time and form a basic for future scientific. Until this time these
are authority and actual about interpretation of many phenomenons and facts of the
old Ukrainian literature. The literature of Kyiv Rus’ is very important in the system
scientific outlook of Ivan Franko. He formed about it concrete methods and ideas. Its
investigations is actual because of importance of integrity of literature of Х–ХІІІ s. in
the European space especially as Ukrainian and full overcoming of the stereotype
about Kyiv Rus’ as Russian heritage.
The important service of Ivan Franko is his very big source works, collecting and
publishing with his scientific comments and interpretations of many texts. Ivan Franko
integrated these texts in the scientific space. In this way the history of Ukrainian
literature was formed by texts of the period of the Middle Ages.
In general in scientific works of Ivan Franko the idea about literature of Kyiv Rus
as independent and Ukrainian is dominated. Because of its idea the system of
scientific ideas about Rus Medieval works of Ivan Franko is formed. We see the
interpretation by Ivan Franko the Medieval works in the space of the national folklore
and European tradition.
Key words: Ivan Franko, manuscript literature, Kyiv Rus, chronicle, “Povist of
vremjanyh lit”, apocrife, original literature, translated literature.

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