Volume 61-2 (2021)

Оksana M. Prysiazhniuk
PhD, Associate Prof., Kyiv National University of Construction and Architecture, Kyiv


The article is dedicated to the prominent Ukrainian poetess of the XIX–XX time
fence – Lesya Ukrainka, namely to the most interesting and fascinating period of her
oeuvre – the Crimean. The poetess’s lyric poetry is analyzed from the position of
a new poetic text reading. The main attention is paid to the terms “chronotopos”,
“topos” as the main categories of imaginative world crystallization, to the revelation
of the spatial panorama, the interpretation of the antithetic and equivalent toposes,
which are used in the poetess’s lyric poetry of that period.
In the poetic and artistic plan of the lyrical cycle, the topos of those southern cities
where Lesya Ukrainka visited during her first trip to the Crimea are reproduced.
Three of the twelve poems of the cycle are dedicated to the city of Bakhchisarai. The
lyrical “I” in Lesya Ukrainka’s poems is usually associated with a topos, mostly urban,
unfolds locally – here and now. The lyrical heroine of the analyzed cycle of poems
thinks of herself only as a city dweller. She is intelligent, educated, spiritually rich,
refined, of course, duplicates the figure of the writer.
Basically, the space in Lesya Ukrainka’s poetic works is built on a realistic
principle. Sometimes the writer refuses the characteristic of realism descriptiveness.
Then the symbolic arrangement of space is very rich and varied. In ideological and
aesthetic, culturological and intellectual terms, the artistic model of the world
proposed by the poetess is not limited, although geographically determined by the
local definition of the thematic framework of the lyrical cycle.
Key words: text, worldview, symbol, topos, chrinotopos.

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