Volume 63-2 (2022)

А. O. Hudyma, PhD
Taras Shevchenko National University of Kуiv, Kуiv


According to the doctrine of H. Skovoroda the moral and ethical ideal is necessarily connected with life in Christ, the confession of his commandments.The soul is not capable of being satisfied with bodily things, therefore, the goal of a person is to gaze at the heavenly. From the writer’ s point of view, the real
values are not wealth, power, but instead poverty, peace and will, a pure heart. The cheerfulness of the heart is an indispensable sign of a person who has reached a moral and ethical ideal. Taking care of the soul, according to the thinker, is the most important thing for a person. At the beginning of his moral system, H. Skovoroda puts self-knowledge, the realization of the true man in himself, who is the image of God. The path outlined by him is a path for the chosen, not for the general public, and involves efforts: “to control the soul”, “to tame impulses” – to cultivate the spiritual field – and limitations: in particular, poverty.
Keywords: H. Skovoroda, the moral and ethical ideal, God, heart, happiness

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