THE PAINTED FOX OF IVAN FRANKO AND THE PRINCIPLES OF QUANTUM MECHANICS (psychological and physical transformations of Mykit the Fox in the tale of Ivan Franko as an explanation of the trends of the functionality of the principles of quantum mechanics in the macro world)

Volume 62-1 (2022)

O. М. Kholod
Dr Hab. Vasyl Stefanyk Precarpathian National University, Ivano-Frankivsk


The article considers the tendencies of three principles of quantum mechanics for
the micro world (uncertainty principle, additionality or complementarity principle
and superposition or superposition principle) as having similarities with the
tendencies of analysis of processes occurring in the macro world. The hypothesis is
proved during the analysis of the fairy tale “Painted Fox” by Ivan Franko. The aim of
the research was to identify, search for and describe the psychological and physical
transformations of Fox Mykyta in Ivan Franko’s fairy tale as an explication of the
tendencies of the functionality of the principles of quantum mechanics in the macro
world. Among the research methods were chosen methods of analysis, synthesis,
content analysis on the units of “image” and “theme”. We have chosen the following
procedure as the research method: search for publications related to the problem
analyzed by us; implementation of content analysis by unit “image” and “theme”;
classification of identified fragments of the text of the fairy tale “Painted Fox”
according to three criteria: “Compliance with the principle of uncertainty”,
“Compliance with the principle of complementarity” and “Compliance with the principle
of superposition”. Based on the analysis, it was concluded that the trends reflected in
the three principles of quantum mechanics for studying the processes of the micro world
(uncertainty, principle of additionality or complementarity and the principle of
superposition or superposition) are clearly fixed in macro world processes.
Key words: principles of quantum mechanics, Ivan Franko, Fox Mykyta, Painted
Fox, uncertainty principle, additionality principle, superposition principle

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