Archive, Volume 57(2019)

Tetyana Tkachenko
Dr Hab., Associate Рrof., V.I.Vernadsky Taurida National University, Kyiv


The article studies the specificsof the small prose of Ivan Nechuj-Levyczkyj (1838– 1918). The focus is on the study of the genealogy of writing, including the variety of small epic forms presented by the writer’s legacy. The paper analyses the author’s reception, interpretation and reinterpretation of genres and genre varieties are covered, genre diffusion (travel essay, notes, sketching, anecdote, prose fable, satire, story, humorous, legend, fairy tale, phantasmagoria, tragic comedy, tragedy, fantasy). It explores the issues and topics of proscription (glorifying the beauty of nature of Ukraine, reflecting the whole world, depicting the life, customs and way of life of different ethnic groups that make up the Ukrainian people, external details and mentality, violations of local, state and human issues in a multi-level display – image, motive, plot, onomastics and toponymy), art and expressive means (metaphor, metonymy, numerous epithets, comparisons, concurrency, antithesis, gradation, symbol, humor, irony, satire, rhetorical constructions). The investigation elucidatesthe variability of the figure of the narrator (alter ego of the author, narrator / narrator, witness / participant of events, publicist, observator, historian, ethnographer). It accentuates the features of idiostyle(realism, elements of symbolism and impressionism; combination of deliberation and fiction, figurative polysemantics, auto-allusions, sensitivity, color symbolism, the reader as interlocutor and co-author on emotions, pictures, personification of being, intertextual inclusions).

Keywords: genology, fairy tale, legend, story, sketch, humorous, fable, sketch, notes.

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1.Nechuj-Levyczkyj I. Zibr. tvoriv : u 10 t. /I.Nechuj-Levyczkyj. – Kyiv : Naukovadumka,1965.–T.3.–446s.