Volume 61-2 (2021)

Yu. І. Kovalev
Dr Hab., Prof., Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv, Kyiv


The article highlights Lesya Ukrainka’s authorial interpretation of the ancient
Greek plot of the Trojan War through the worldview of the soothsayer Cassandra,
which foresaw the tragedy of her hometown, doomed to die by the Achaean invaders.
In her dramatic poem, the author did not emphasize battle scenes, but psychological
conflicts related to the problem of adequate vision and decoding of reality as it is, and
not as it is thought or imagined, so the main character inevitably comes into conflict
with others. characters who tend to be manipulated while living in an illusory world,
unable to verify the information offered to them by the demagogue and pragmatist
Helen, who paralyzes the trust of short-sighted Trojans. Parallels with the Ukrainian
reality in which Lesya Ukraine lived and the beginning of the XXI century. – quite
obvious. History has taught no one anything. However, the playwright did not fall into
didactics and moralization, did not illustrate the past, as contemporaries believed, so
she had to explain the essence of the dramatic poem, only showed a script-metaphor
not so possible as an inevitable national tragedy, but Ukrainians will trust charming
simulacra, not harsh. reality. She proposed a “drama of ideas” inherent in the “new
drama”, a tense intellectual agon of the Priam House, developed the plot dynamics
on the existential border, which is inherent in her dramatic poems, which failed then
and current theaters, because they did not find, mistakenly fitting them into the genre
category Lesendrama.
Keywords: dramatic poem, “drama of ideas”, agony, divination, prophetic

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.17721/2520-6346.2(61).70-78


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